About us
Funkylabs, based in Cologne (Germany), has been creating its own concepts for the Apple App Store since 2010. The first project, the "Disser" app, sprang from the idea of producing unconventional applications for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Within three days the "Disser" app was ranked first among the top-selling applications in the German Apple App Store.

We subsequently produced and published many apps in the areas of entertainment, games, and lifestyle with great success. Ten of our thirteen current apps reached top 10 status in the areas of "best selling" or "most downloads". Internationally, we reached top 10 category rankings in the USA, Great Britain, Albania, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and Canada. Meanwhile, our apps have been used in over 140 countries around the world with increasing interest.

During the design and production of our iOS apps, we place great emphasis on the user experience, performance, and simplicity. We are currently developing applications for productivity and lifestyle, and we are strengthening the orientation of our apps for the international market. Please contact us if you and your company would like additional information.
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